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Cosmic Flame
30 April 2003 @ 03:48 pm
Well! What can I really say!
The weather was lovely and warm for tennis, and has now
started raining! I really love the rain! Really! And,
I'm able to do this entry to the sounds of 'Sound Chaser'
by Yes (of course).

know of somebody who REALLY likes me! I won't name her,
because I don't want her to be teased by nasty people who
don't like them. She is a very nice person, and deserves
better than that. =)

Erm, what else has happened? Our drama play is getting a
lot better, and we managed to get ALL THE WAY THROUGH
without being disrupted! We're saved! Hopefully.

Ah! What a lovely day this has been!

*Cosmic Flame*

P.S. I've finished White Fang! I recommend that you read
it - It's by Jack London, and is available in paperback in
the Penguin Classics collection with another book (The Call
of the Wild) all in one. And for less than £1.50*!

*Note: Price fairly accurate at time of going to 'press.'
Go down to Smith's and check if you want to be certain!