April 29th, 2003


Yep Another entry

What an utterly nondescript day!
Some stuff happened to me, I just can't really remember


English was ok, Latin was good, History was good and Maths,
of course, was good.

After school I did some work on my drama play, but only 3
of us turned up! We did *some* work, and then chatted
about stuff for a bit. You wouldn't believe the number of
teachers these other group members have wound up! 1 French
teacher left due to them (and some others) and another
teacher had a nervous breakdown and refused to teach them!
That's about it for today...

On the book front, I'm still reading White Fang. That is
one darn good book! I recommend it to all of you!

Hi to:
Ella, who's reading my previous entry as I type.
Other people, who aren't!

Another little insight into my world.

(sorry - I've always wanted to say that!)

Cya all soon,
I'm going to check my e-mails.

Y'all come back, y'hear me?

*Cosmic Flame*