April 28th, 2003


Errr...quess who's back?

Me back? Nooooooooo!

Darn! Foiled!

Yep, you quessed it man! I'm back! Whether this entry is
a once-off or a comeback has yet to be seen...
Sorry to Someone@somewhere.com who claims that I have
ruined her life by not updating enough...

Well then, let's see what's been going on, shall we?

Like, yeah! Stuff HAS happened somewhere in my little ife
(I can't afford an 'l' yet). But what?

For all those who care, I'm now lvl 10! YAY!! And for
anyone who signs up (an is a mate o' mine) I will give you
a free Heavy Magic Missile (HMM). =)

I now have Relayer - £4.99 from HMV in Norwich. Cheeeeeap!

Somedays (when I'm far away, in a lonely room, in a cold
seclusion. Sorry! Billy Joel possesed me!) I look like
Trev Rabin! Other days I look like Peter Banks. Most days
I look wyrd! =)


School Update:
Thinks have been going on nicely. I sure was glad to see
all by friends again today! Raj was a bit late =(
On the plus, it looks like SOME people missed me!
(maybe...) Two smiles and a wave from Katy...in one
day??? Well, that can only be good! Seriously, though,
although she claims not to like me, I think we could be
friends, maybe, someday...
I had something else to say here, but was forced to erase it by THE
FORCES OF EVIL(tm). :( Actually, it was because SOMEBODY didn't
want to be mentioned. I ask: why???

Y'know, I think I might be winding to a close! I'm not
sure what to say. Our Drama play goes well (hur hur hur)...

Well, I think that might be it!

And of course, none of you will read this tonight (apart
from the obssesed fans, or should I say fan). Tomorrow
evenin', someone will find this...message in a bottle...and
spread the news. Like a wave of fire, it will spread to
all who care. Suddenly, I will have everyone nagging me to
add more entries again! Oh! How I missed this!

Ah well. Goodnight people, and y'all come back, y'hear?

*Cosmic Flame*