March 28th, 2003


Guess who's Back...

Yep! I finally got around to doing another entry! I
haven't really got much to say at the moment, but I have to
think of something...and quickly...

Ok then...

Hello to:
The Physics Four - Ella, Becky, Tasha and Vanessa.
The Girls from Table-Tennis - Holly, Jesse, Donna and
whoever the fourth one was! Opps!
Foster and his friends.
The people from Sheffield who sent me feedback.
And anyone/everyone else!

My CDs arrived on Monday! I ordered (and received):
Big Generator, ABWH, Union and Live from the House of
Blues. All by Yes, of course.

Y'know, I hate to do this to y'all, but that's about it!
Nothing else has happened AT ALL!

Sorry, but now you know why I haven't been writing much.

There may be more tomorrow after Latin.