March 21st, 2003


PSE Lesson...

I'm sitting here in PSE withg half of the class reading
this over my shoulder. Well, actually, just Katy and
Laura. Rajan is being AWKWARD!!! He says that he is not
going with Beefy unless she meets his demands within 48
hours, and I'm not going with Laura. Sheesh, these people
are being awkward!
Laura - "I can't belive you are comparing my friend to
Saddam Hussain!"
Mr Collison - "But which Saddam Hussain?"



I really can't think of anything to say...

Katy wants me to say something...

Lets talk about bowling on Wednesday...

BH showed some distintly Saddam like tendancies by putting
on Raj's stuff and running around Strikes.

Chloe and Katy kept on flirting with me until Laura put on
my coat and ran off...

Raj felt left out...

Got to go, the bells going to go.

See you all later.