March 9th, 2003


It's Not All Kirstie, Kirstie, Kirstie, you know.

Just a brief entry...
Have you visited the Advertising Slogan Generator yet?
word=Kirstie Put that in, and you'll get a random ad
slogan with Kirstie in! That's where I got the title
You can put any word in that you want, and I mean any!
Send me your best slogans... is the apology
letter generator. is an alternative one
for women, based on the principle that women don't

Have a go!

As for what happened today:
Not a lot. I think the hightlight would have to be either
getting an e-mail from Kirstie, or washing my hair...
It looks like it might just stay flat for once. The hair
that is!!! Not Kirstie! Sheesh, you guys will
missunderstand anything I say!

Not today - I mainly just recieved death threats, and
messages insulting my coat & my hair. HOW DARE THEY!!! I
like my coat! Please, someone back me up on this...

A lot of people are saying that they want gossip - but I
don't know any! Please send me the juiciest gossip, and
I'll publish it for all to read. Go on - you know you want

Oh, and Kaz - I'm still waiting, or are you going to tell
me at bowling. As for the other thing that you said, the
answer would be a definate "YES!" If you were telling the
truth, that is...

See you all tomorrow.