March 6th, 2003


Happy Birthday Tasha

Guess what everybody! It's Tasha's 16th Birthday today.
So, happy birthday Tasha! Welcome to the swelling ranks of
16 year olds...

Honourable Mentions:
Hi to Ben H.
Hi to: Laura B, Amy, Fiona, Katy and Frankie. Apparently I
saved their lives by rescuing their ping pong ball. Y'know
the red chairs in the hall? It went the the back of them.
So who did the call the rescue? ME!!!
Hi to anyone that I've forgotten.

Sponsorship Corner:
Oppps! There are 3 people getting their legs wazed, not
just 2. As well as Ginge and Brett, Kirk is as well. So
everyone had better go and sponsor him.

Stuff that happened today:
Me, Raj and Charlie all did squeaky, high-pitched voices in
PE, and sang "Stayin' Alive." Was very funny... BEt you
wish you were there, don't you?
At lunch, Raj quit the singing after getting a bit of a
sore throat. Apparently he doesn't sing falsetto often
(unlike me...). While waiting for Raj to pack up, I
started singing "It'll Be a Good Day (The River)" - by
Yes. Andrea was staring at me, so I gave in after the
third verse. Katy was also giving me funny looks...
What was I doing wrong? Have none of them ever heard me
singing before???

Rick Wakeman:
Rick is coming to the Corn Exchange, as I said. I have
received a request for more information from a devoted
fan. A fan of mine, not Ricks!
Rick is currently a member of Yes, my favourite band. He
is coming here to perform his new solo album, 'Out There.'
He has done session work on many other records, and has
been a member of several other bands. More information,
including a VERY funny auto-biography in brief, can be
found on his website.

Hope to see you all there!

Random Facts:
- The drummer on John Lennon's "Imagine" was Alan White,
the drummer of Yes!
- The minimum charge in phone boxes is (so I hear) now 20p,
not 10. RIP OFF!!!
- We have frogs in our pond.
- I don't know any more facts!

So that's it.
Tomorrow I will get to see Kirstie again. Hard to believe
I only saw her once today, and at a distance of at least
20m! Shock horror!

See y'all at school!



I just counted up my diary entries, and that previous one
was number:

The Answer to Life, the Universe...and Everything!

Not ringing any bells?

Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
By Douglas Adams?

Go read it - it's hilarious!

No, Really!