March 5th, 2003


Diary entry 94/Yet another Day in My Life

Diary Entry 94:

Note: This is yesterday's entry, a little delayed.

At school, I found out that I am going to be in the same
English Oral group as Kirstie! And of course, Katy decided
to tell Mr Hyde just why that was so...intresting. Darn
In the other top set, Mrs B (our year head) told the class
about our group, and laughed. Not funny.

That was about all that happened yesterday.

Yet another Day in My Life.

Note: This is today's entry.

Nothing much really happened.
Physics was fun (as always).
Bowling was good - I got to go in Kirstie's group, and I
got a strike on my first bowl. YAY!!!

Raj left at 1.00PM to go to an interview at the 6th form
centre he's applying to. We all wish him the best of luck.

"I like eggs..." - Becky S. Ok...
"Uhhh...No." - Jonny.
"I'll feedback you this really good quote when I remember
it..." - Jaimin.

There is no gossip.
There is no feedback that I can be bothered to reply to.
There is no happyness.

Ok, so I'm lying there...

I'm just not feeling very happy, Ok?

Oh! Guess what! Rick Wakeman is coming to the Corn
Exchange. Yes, I'll say that again! RICK WAKEMAN is
coming here! I'll be there...wil you?
Tickets ate £15.50 - not bad!
See you there (or not...).