March 3rd, 2003


The sun has got his hat on Hip hip wait, my mistake

The title is meaningless, as always!

Today was quite a good day - no surprise there.

I started off in a filthy mood, but soon cheered up!

Drama was good.
Maths was Ok, but Kirstie went and sat next to Birdy
instead of next to me. :(
French was boring.
Chemistry was Ok.

Nobody had any quotes for me at all, not even Raj! So,
there will be no quotes section today. :(

Honorable mentions:
It seems that some people will do anything for fame. Ella
wants me to point out that her, Becky and Holly all linked
arms coming down from science, and Ella kissed tham all on
the cheek. Fair enough!
Also, Hi to Tasha, who told me how much she liked my diary.

Sponsorship corner:
Ginge and Brett are having their legs waxed for comic
relief. If you see them, pledge some money to their cause.
Also, there are rumors that Raj and Beefy will be having a
sponsored kiss at the leavers do. However, Raj doesn't
want to! So if you see him, tell him that you'd sponsor
him. All money raised will, or course, go to charity.

I'm really sorry to disappoint you all, but I've got to
go. I would answer some feedback, but I can't. Not now,
at any rate. Maybe later. Check back tomorrow.

And please keep sending me feedback! I just can't get
enough of it!


P.S. According to Raj (a reliable source ;-)) Sean doesn't
want to go to the leavers do with Kirstie. Everyone knows
that Kirstie wants to go with him, but he doesn't want to
go with her. Aparently. This is Raj, after all. Another
rumour says that he does. Who knows? Well, Sean,
obviously, but not me.

Gotta go.