March 1st, 2003


There's nothing else I can do, because I'm doing it all for Leyna...

It's a Billy Joel song, Ok?

Y'know what? I'd got all of this typed, but then I
accedently pressed Esc and deleted the whole entry!
DARN!!! So, I'm typing this for the second time. Grrr...
I didn't want to do an entry today anyway, but Kirstie
wanted me to do one. How could I resist?

This Morning:
I got up early to go to Latin Club. Me, Richard & Phil
were the only ones there apart from Mr C!
When I got home, I downloaded some stuff and surfed the net.

This Afternoon:
I did my Physics and History homework, then had a chat with
Over tea I watched some of one of my Yes Music DVDs.

Right now, I'm typing away happily.

In a few minutes? Who knows!

In case anybody is interested, has got
some more trailers for Enter the Matrix. The game!!! But
will it be as good as Max Payne? Only time will tell!

There is no gossip section today, and no quotes. Nor am I
going to answer any feedback. Why? Because I really can't
be bothered! Sorry, but it's the truth! I will answer all
the feedback I get very soon, but just not today! Ok?

Kistie told me that her chicken's eggs had hatched today.
5 out of the 9 when I spoke to her. Isn't that so cool?

We've got a duck on a nest by our pond in our garden at the
moment. (Wasn't that a terrible sentence?) The duck has 4
eggs, and has been coming for about 3 years now. How do we
know it's the same duck? We don't. However, the nest is
in the same place as before.

Song of the Day: Either 'Love Will Find A Way' or 'Tempus
Fugit.' Both by Yes. (surprise, surprise)

Hello to:
Hi to Ben, who I just gave this link to.
Hi to Chaz & Dave.
Hi to Raj.
Hi to Kirstie - I did an entry, just like you wanted!

So that's it!