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Cosmic Flame
26 February 2003 @ 03:26 pm
What happened:
Not a lot.
English with Mr H was fun - it always is.
Physics was as good as always - great lesson.
Drama was good.
Bowling was good-ish.

"The Earth is but a mere mortal realm where organic
lifeforms live..." - Raj - what a weirdo! ;-)
"You are Not putting me on your FREAK PAGE!" - Claire the
"Euhhh? No....again." - Jonny (again).

From: jaiminthakrar

WhatI did ask her on ur behalf but that was because
you said you wanted to go with her and that you liked her
Dont try and hide ur affectionBrian you are now a
celebrity you should have no problem finding someone

My reply:
Jaimin, you are wrong.

Hello list:
Hi to all of you.
Hi to my Year Head .

Why I'm not very happy:
Well, some good things happened today.
BH was having a go at me AGAIN! And for no real reason!
My team in bowling swapped me & Raj for Olly & Jolley! How
could they do that! That meant that I wasn't with
However, we did manage to get into the lane next to theirs,
so we weren't far apart. Phew! They kept on changing each
others names, which was kinda funny. Jolley was Garden
Gnome at one point. Kirstie was Squeak, Dog Whistle and
Manhood! Finally, she suggested a name for either Olly or
Sean, I can't remember who...
She said to me - "Brian, what's the word for when you can't
get it up?"
I replied - "Impotence."
So they typed that in.

Then she realised that they had changed her name!

She was not very amused.

When it was her turn, I said "Impotence's Up!" before
realising what that sounded like! Sean was so amused by
that that he wanted to shake my hand! Ok...

Slightly harsh.

Afterwards, Kirstie came over to ask me if I had got some
messages she had sent about Sean. I hadn't, and she was
very relieved. I wonder why? No, really. Why?
I asked if she was going to the leavers' do with Sean, and
she said that she hadn't asked him yet.

Speaking of the leavers do, Raj told me today who he wanted
to go with, in exchange for the info of who I want to go
Want to know who he *likes*?

Tough. I'm not telling!

Want to know who I want to go with?

Just guess - you won't find it hard. :)

Raj wants me to ask the girl I like before he asks. He is
a bit of a chicken really. Only kidding.

I think that the girl Raj asks will say yes. They make a
nice couple.

So, that's it.