February 24th, 2003


I'm Happy (again)

What a happy day! I'm so glad to be back at school! The
sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Kistie sat next
to be in maths...I'm sorry, did I type that out loud?

Err...Feedback time!

From: me

u mite wanna no kirstie n katie were born early... tatz y
it woz 7 1/2 monthz...
c ya round

My reply:
Thanks Danni, but actually Kirstie told me today. She says
it was 7 monthes early though. Oh well, thanks all the

From: hasey

hello brian i bet i am one of the least most likerly
people u were expecting to hea from about ur diary but hey
im hea. hello i just want to congratulate u on the best
and most exciting website ever. i every time i come online
i check out ur site. i hate to say it but im ur biggest
fan. keep up the good work u make me smile. and i hope all
ends happily and u end up with what u want. (2b in kirsties
knickers) lol
hasey xxx

My reply:
Hello Hasey! You're right, I wasn't expecting to hear from
Thanks very much, I'm glad that you want to read what I
have to say!
I hope it all ends happily as well. As for what you think
I want...I'm not going to comment on that!
Brian. ;-)

And speaking of ending happily...
Actually, I'm going to talk about my day first.

Drama was Ok, but slightly boring (written lesson)
Maths was great! Kirstie came over to sit next to me!
Lots of fun there. Also, strangely, she told me that she
was wearing a blonde wig at the weekend for some reason...
Ok. Riiight...
Also, I'd swear that I heard Kirstie say to Claire "Brian
loves me!" I'm not quite sure, but that's what I thought I
French - well, the lesson was ok as I sat with Raj, but the
content was boring as ever. However, while waiting outside
the room, Chloe walked up and said to me "Brian, Kirstie
loves you." I'm not sure whether to believe her or not -
It was Chloe who said this after all! (No offence Chloe!)
She also said that in Chemistry! I asked her if Danielle
would be able to back her up on that, but she changed the
subject quickly. Oh well. I can hope, I suppose.

That's about it now.
I'll see you all around!

Love, Peace, and Other Cosmic Stuff,

P.S. English with Mr H tomorrow - :-/ Uh-oh...
P.P.S. Somebody said that they might try something on the
1st Tuesday back - that's tomorrow!
P.P.P.S. Could be a tough day (- At least I get to see
Kirstie in 2 lessons, and get to sit with her in maths