February 20th, 2003


Back by Popular Demand

Well, I decided to give this all up. It wasn't going
anywhere, so what was the point? I was going to continue
when we got back to school, and when things started
happening again!
However, people kept on sending me feedback, so I've
decided 2 do another entry!

I haven't done much this half term - The highlight probly
being having finally watched Austin Powers I & II. They
were good, and I can see why so many people like them so
much. But, they weren't as funny as Airplane! If you
hadn't guessed, Airplane! is my favourite comedy of all
time. It is rated (so I hear) as the 10th funniest film
ever! So, I recommend that you all try and get to see it!
You can probly get the tape/DVD out of the Library, or
failing that, Blockbuster. Just make sure that you watch

Yeah, that's about it.

Oh yeah! BBC Radio 5 live, today, 2.30 PM. Interview with
Rick Wakeman! I'm currently reading his
autobiography, 'Say Yes.' It's very funny!

Right, time to answer some mail...

From: notmyrealemail@cuzyou'llprintit.com

I got a question for you. More of a suggestion really.
Why do you so callously print other people's email
addresses in your diary? I understand the printing
responses and then responding yourself, but printing other
people's addresses is just inviting idiots to send them

Anyway, just thought that since you seem to enjoy feedback
you'll appreciate this. I look forward to any ridicule
you'll attach to this if/when you post it in your diary.


My reply:
Hi there Blinky,
Actually, I quite agree with you. From now on, I won't
print real e-mail addresses. People I know will now be



From: theman

Hello Bazza.
Its got 2 the stage where i am getting pissed off wiv
people who r sending stupid and offensive emails to you.
There is no need for people 2 slag u off-if this is how u
spend ur time-then so be it.But if all people like Jamie
can do-is email u-tell u how sad u r, and then boast that
hes had drugs and booze-which i dont believe-he has a very
sad life.Jamie-u hav gone down in my estimations and i
think its about time u left Brian alone.That goes for all
the other offensive wankers sending emails-if u cant send
decent emails 2 Brian-u r the sad cases and obvioulsy hav
nothing betta 2 do than insult a real person-who happens 2
b an Austin Powers fan.Leave Brian alone-or i will track u
down, rip out ur eyes and cut off ur fingers-i hope you
Keep writin and Smilin Bazza.
The Man

My reply:
Thanks Chaz, but I have one thing to say. It wasn't Jamie
after all! It was someone else! I don't know who,
Thanks all the same!

From: jamie

Hello Brian.

The email was not from me. But thankyou for insulting me

Yes. I am very jealous of you. You are so attractive. And
so is Kirsty. Wow, I wish I was you Brian.

Yours Jamie

My reply:
Jamie, I'm sorry. I thought that that other message was
from you. I'm really sorry!


From: theman

BRIAN.wots goin on??u havent written a diary entry 4 a
couple of days nowwhere r u??we cant live wiv out ur
diary entries.Please write sumfin or i will cry.
Love,The MAN

My reply:
Sorry, Chaz. I've been busy, and I didn't have much to
say. I'll have a lot more to write when I get back to

From: Laura

Brian its laura add to this diary i want to know whats
goin on in ure little life1

My reply:
Well Laura, here you go! A whole new entry!

From: someone@somewhere.com

Dear Brian
I would just like to inform your sexy self that I am
neither Sean nor Gav in fact i am female (which proves
nothing when it comes to those two i suppose). i would like
to apologize for my last feedback remarks, i was drunk.
Not that i expect u to understand y that has changed
things. ah wel. Jus wanted to say keep ya diary going, it
makes me laugh an awful lot.

My reply:
Who can you be?
I have a guess!
Are you Andrea?
Cos what you've written sounds like the sort of thing that
Andrea would say, and I know that Andrea is good friends
with Kirstie.
So, if you are Andrea, please reply and tell me that I was
If you're not, please give me another clue!
P.S. I'm glad that my diary makes you laugh!

That's all folks!

Cosmic Flame
AKA Brian