February 17th, 2003


Well Spam me down

I just recieved 10 pieces of feedback:
1 saying I should carry this on.
1 in French
1 saying that I have no life
1 piece of spam
6 just plain stupid/rude ones.

Let me give you an example:

From: theman@hotmail.com

Brian..Dont end your diary-it provides so much
entertainment and love for us all to share.People can read
into the Kirstie thing but as long as u know there is
nothing there-or is there?Look inside urself Brian.Do u
hav sum feelimgs 4 Kirstie?Dont hide them if you do-it
will only cause you painI f there are definately no
feelings towards her-tell us in your next entry.We all
wait 2 read ur next entry-ur becoming a Legend.
The Man

My reply:
I don't think i will end my diary, and I'm glad that I am
sharing the love around.
As for Kirstie...well, read whatever you want into it...you
never know what might happen next term! (Someone told me
that they were going to try something on the 1st Tuesday
back...but what?)
I'm not going to deny any feelings (nobody would believe me
anyway...can't blame them).
You don't need to tell me how to hurt myself, I already
know. I learnt the hard way.

I'm very happy to be a legend, thank you.


From: petitfrancais@l'hotmail.co.fra

Brian est gai. Il sent. Je suis très interessant dans son
pénis. Je me demande comment il se gonfle avec le plaisir.
Avez-vous un pénis Brian ? Je veux le lécher. Non vraiment.
Retournez à l'église dans votre monde virtuel. La vodka de
boisson vous pervertit. Allez en Russie et émettez un jet
de votre non veiws alcoolique(alcoolisé) là. Et donnez-moi
de l'argent. Vous singe. Et prise Rajan avec vous et
perverti sur lui toute la journée et nuit. Je pète dans
votre direction générale. Le slash vous suit probablement
d'et vous discute avec Micheal Jackson. Il veut vos
enfants. Fait donc Jésus. Mais vous devez lui payer. Vous

My reply:
Better tell you know, hotmail.co.fra doesn't exist! And
anyway, the french ending is .fr, not .fra!
And, I'm not giving you any money.
So there.


From: kevin@aol.com

Dear Brian,

We hope you can find another of your precious diary writing
time to reply to this in your diary. First of all u r a
cold viscious heartless bastard do you have a life? do u
have friends in actual reality not virtual reality?

Do you have a penis? Shall i ask Kirstie? She might know.
Now i know u have threatened people on here about offensive
em@ils but honestly brian what r u gonna do? Ban me? OOOH
get me for stalking? why not send in the SAS?

I'm going to explain a simple concept to you: a social
life Now this is where friends, REAL friends, meet each
other. Outside school. And decide to partake in an activity
which doesn't include drooling over kirsty in an online
diary. Not usually anyway.

They also do morraly offensive things like drink alcohol,

your mortal enemy xx

My reply:
Well, well, well...it's Jamie! Again.
Listen Jamie, I do have friends, and a life.
If you believe everything I say in here, well, you're a
fool! I think maybe, just maybe, you're beginning to feel
a little jelous of all the attention that my diary is
getting me. How babylike. If you don't like what I have
to say, don't bother reading my diary! Simple as that!

Maybe it's time that you stopped being obssesed with the
60s, and looked around. Oh! Look at that! It's 2003!
I don't really care if you drink and do drugs. It's your
life. And, it may just be your death.
I know some other people like you, who I am friends with.
They don't try to force their opinions on me, I don't on
them. It's called freedom of opinion.

Thanks for your time,
Next time, don't bother sending me feedback.


I wasn't a bit to harsh, was I?
Oh well...


From: whyaccountancyisnotboring@hotmail.com

Good afternoon brian.

Now something's puzzling me, and frankly i cant sleep cos
of it....no it's not ur body....or kirsty....it's:

eDNA @@@@@#####~~~~~

My reply:
At last, a sensible question.

I call myself Cosmic Flame...just because. I just think
that it sounds really cool. Hope you can get some sleep


I'm not going to bother replying to the other ones, as they
just aren't worth it. They either insulted me, insulted
Kirstie, or tried to educate me about the facts of life,
which I know anyway.
So, if you did send me one of those pieces of feedback, you
wasted your time! I'm just going to delete them all.
And I'm still smiling!

Why am I smiling?
I had a rather nice daydream this morning, when I couldn't
be bothered to get up. I don't think I really need to tell
you about it.
And also, I'm going to watch the rest Of Austin Powers 1
thisafternoon. Yay!

Love to most of you,