February 16th, 2003


I can see the future, and it isn't good...

I just recieved this anon message:

From: someone@somewhere.com

Brian i think that this diary is wrong. It aint right for
a man to be writing his thoughts for all to see especially
about Kirstie. She looks like a bloke, maybe it is a
sign. However, i know Kirstie and she feels very
embarrassed about this whole thing and wishes you to
stop. It is hurting her delicate feelings. However, we
think ur gorgeous and u can do better than Kirstie. Come
away with us and have a bit of fun We dont bite... not
hard anyways. Think about it and let us know via ur diary.

My reply:
(From the way this is written, I would guess that it Sean
and Gav)
Hi there:
If I want to write my thoughts in a diary to amuse people,
I will. If you are taking all my thoughts and entries at
face value, then you are being rather naive. Most of the
stuff I write is made up anyway! My minute by minute
thoughts? Made up completely as a joke!
If you are really a close friend of Kirstie's, then you
can't be a very good friend. I mean, saying she looks like
a bloke? That's really mean! Obviusly, you have no regard
for her delicate feelings!
If I am hurting Kirstie's feelings, and she wants me to
stop, I will. If she gets in touch with me somehow and
asks, I will. I wouldn't do anything to deliberately hurt
her, I would never do that!
As for doing better for myself...I don't think so. I don't
want go of with you, whoever you are! I'm perfectly happy
as I am.
I have thought.


Will this diary stop? Please send me some feedback to let
me know your view on this. And, if you're Kirstie, just e-
mail me or look me up in the phonebook if you want me to
I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings, and I hope you
won't hold this against me.


Just a sudden thought...

I replied to the feedback saying that I'd hurt Kirstie's
feelings, then I logged out.

Then I remembered...

I remembered something that Sean told me the other day.

He and his friends had been teasing Kirstie about my diary,
and apparently she went bright red. Sean was treating this
as a joke, and said that he knew that I didn't really fancy

So why did he do it?

If Sean is Kirsie's friend, why did he tease he so much?
It's not like this is Kirstie's diary, is it?

These are my thoughts, and if anyone is to be embaressed by
them, it should be me.

So I make this special request:

If I catch ANYONE being mean to Kirstie, or teasing her
about my diary, I will not be happy. And, I will make you

So leave Kirstie alone.

Thank you,