February 14th, 2003


End of the Half Term - And I answer your questions

Well, that's it! The half term is over!
In case you wondered, I didn't get any Valentine's cards AT
ALL! :( Nor did I send any, ok?

Well, some interesting thinks have happened today, but I
can't really recall what they were.

Aparently, everybody IS talking about my diary at school.
I don't know why, though. It's not like it's that
interesting, is it?

Chas printed off some pages from this, and was threatening
to read them out at lunch in the hall! Thankfully,
everybody told him that that was really evil, so he didn't.

Apart from that, not a lot has happened.

Hello to...
Hi to Becky of the Smith variety.
Hi to Kayleigh in my Maths class.
Hi to Ian's mum...
Hi to any teachers who have found this address
Hi to everybody else.

And finally...
I answer your mail!

I've decided to dip into my mailbag, and reply to the
feedback that people have sent me...
Here we go!

From: daftcow36@hotmail.com

ha ha ha what an utterly wonderful life you lead. Shame
that I couln't read it all due to utter bordum It was
really crap, sorry you hippo. Would you like to know who i
am? ............So would I

My reply:

What an approapriate name! Yes, I would like to know who
you are...If you need help, I would recommend a mental
health institute...

From: fionaprevett@madasafish.com

Hi Brian, you probably won't remember me, I'm Ian Prevett's
Mum. I think your diary is top and I love reading it
Everyone was talking about it at the Parents evening
tonight and when i got back I found Ian had read it so I
dedcided to have a look too Kepp it up, it's fun.

My reply:

Hi there! Actually, I do remember you.
I'm surprised that everyone was talking about it at parents
evening - I thought that people prefered talking about
Seriously, who was talking about it?
Don't worry, I'm going to keep this up for a long time...

3)From: wordgetzabout@aol.com

HI Cosmic, we love all your pervings over certain people.
You must be quite a catch, we will have to meet up some
time, I especially enjoyed the joke about telling the
peadophiles to go away I might take that hint....

Your swell,



My reply:

Well. What can I say? It's nice to get feedback, but
preferable not anonomous stuff. I'll have a guess at who
you are: You could be Tasha, because she calls me 'Cosmic'
occasionally. But the thing about paedophiles, not really
a thing that Tasha would say...
So, a guess that u are somebody that I don't know! Well,
if you are a paedophile, please go away. If not, keep

From: spunkthemanky@hotmail.com

hello brian i jst thought id leave u a little notelet to
say nyello. do i get a mention on here now? fame at last.

becky x
p.s. this is a becky of the smith variety.
p.p.s. what is this game you all join? i cant remember
what you said it was called.
p.p.p.s. why don't you ask kirstie to the leavers?

My reply:

Hi Becky! Yes you do get a mention on here, and that
mention may have just started off a career for you in the
limelight. Or not.
The game is called Tibia, and can be found at www.tibia.com
It is a free RPG, or Role Playing Game. You have to be
online to play, but apart from that it's totally free! If
you join, let me know and I'll give you some help (but only
if you create a character in Nova or Secura).
As for Kirstie, who knows, I might yet ask her. However, I
know that she really wants to go with Sean. Better to go
with someone than no one, right?

Finally, a message to my personal paparazzi (KESletter of
I am not desperate. Apparently, some of you interpreted
the fact that I said that I am "single (still!)" as a plea
for a girlfriend. It wasn't. I am just stating a fact.
As for the people who are feeling sorry for me, 2 things:
1) If you feel sorry for me, why not try to match me up
with someone? lol.
2) Just imagine that I'm giving you my trademark funny look.

Keep smiling, and enjoy the holidays!

Cosmic Flame.

P.S. If you do have a question to ask, send it as
feedback, please. And also, please put your name on it!



While I was writing that last entry, I recieved this:

From: paedophilehair@hotmail.com

Hello Brian
How was school today??I was watching youBe careful next
Tuesday you're back at schoolI might do something.....I
know how you feel about Kirstie. I think she's really fit

My reply:

What is it with everyone and paedophiles???
School was fine.
Whoever you are, why were you watching me?? And why
On a Tues I have - English, Latin, History & Maths - which
lesson do I expect to have something happen to me?
As for Kirstie, don't be so shallow! Being fit is one
thing, but what about personality? Would you want to go
out with someone really good looking who was evil? I know
I wouldn't.
Let this be a lesson to you all...