February 13th, 2003


Gathering Momentum...

The number of hits on my diary is growing! Sadly, I don't
have a hit counter, so I'll just have to make do by the
amount that everyone is talking about it...
Move over Eastenders, people have something else to talk
about now!

As I said last night, I have created a yahoo group, so that
you can all post a single message that will be sent to all
members! And, there's a chat room, photo page, calendar,
files page, etc... Nic's going to join, so why haven't you!

Oh yeah...
This is the bit where I say hello to people:
Hi Nic
Hi Tasha
Hi any teachers who BH told this address to...


Hi to the mystery person who keeps threatening me...

I have a message for you:
Why bother telling me to remove any references to Jonny &
his gf? Jonny himself agreed to let me put that up! He
laughed, and I said that I'd put it on my website. He said
that was ok!
If you are Jonny, tell me at school, and I'll remove it.
If you're Jonny's gf, tell Jonny to tell me, and I'll
remove it!
If your someone else, tought luck.

Oh, and don't bother threatening to get my diary removed.
If you keep sending me feedback from rubbish addresses,
I'll get your IP address tracked, and either have you
banned from the site, or report you for internet stalking!
So there!

I have no problems with Jonny AT ALL! Ok?

Finally, a request: If you do send me feedback, please
sign off with your name! If you just don't bother, then I
have to guess from the e-mail address, and that can be hard!

Ok, so here's the deal: You sign off with your name, and I
say 'Hi' to you on here.

Any more threats to me, and I will do as I said.

As for the rest of you, I'll do another update after tea.

Gotta go!

Cosmic Flame!