February 12th, 2003


Just a brief update...

Just thought that I'd set a few facts straight...

1) Rajan said that someone told him that on my diary I'd
said that he'd gone a made himself get ill! So not true!
I just read all of my entrys, and I never said that! I
just said that he was moaning about feeling ill, then found
out that he was just hungry! So there.

2) Katy says that it wasn't her that siad that my hair
made me look like a paedophile, but Andrea. Hmm...I'm sure
it was Katy...
Oh well.

Love, Peace, and Unity...

Cosmic Flame!


I've drawn enough media attention to myself!

I just got 6 new messages from various people about my


Sorry, I mean WHOOHOO!!!!!

Oh, and I deny any and all rumours.
Yep, every single one of them!
They aren't true.

And 'Hi' to everyone who I left out on my list of friends:

Hi Jamie!
Hi Jonny!
Hi Jaimin!

I think that that's it!

Oh, and there's no reason to threaten me for not mentioning
you! Unless you sign off with your name on the feedback
form, how do I know who you are?

Fooled ya all!


Cosmic Flame Forever!


I will tell of my DEEPEST SECRET READ ON

HA! Bet that got your attention, my diminutive friends...

Here's the secret:

To read my diary properly, take everything with a pinch of
salt! Sometimes with more than a pinch...like a whole
lorry load!

I choose to only report some things, not all. Others I
exaggerate something awful...

Don't believe what I write, and you'll get on fine in my
little world. ;-)

Ok, got it?

So if I talk a lot about one person, that means...nothing!
I'm just choosing what to write about, whether you like it
or not!

So there!

Cosmic Flame, burning brighter than before!


P.S. I'm going to set up a yahoo group soon for everyone
interested that I know. I'll keep you all posted. In the
meantime, make sure that you have an account with