February 11th, 2003


Tuesday Evening 8 PM...

(A note to anyone who dosen't know - the title is a
reference to a Simon & Garfunkel song - Wednesday Morning
3AM...I just thought that it sounded cool for a title...)

Err...yes, Hello Loyal Fans!
I don't really have much to say, so I'm not quite sure why
I'm bothering...
Note of interest: A friend of mine, the legendary
Peter6000 from my TRF days has turned 18 today. HAPPY

Yeah, where was I...

I got my report today, and Mr Ib says I'm a Model Student!
Just as long as he doesn't try to make me do a fashion
show... Ha ha, Yes that was indead a joke! Ah, forget

In fact, the only real thing of interest that has happened
today was that I sat next to Kirstie in Maths, and nobody
really cares or thinks that that is interesting, let alone

Y'know, I think I've just realised why Kirstie keeps saying
Hi to me...


It's when someone gives someone else lots of gifts, and
then the other person feels obliged to return the favour.

What's the gift, I hear you ask. Or at least, I don't hear
you ask, as I'm probably not online atm, and in cyberspace
no one can hear you scream...

Oh, yeah...the gift. Attention. What could be better,
apart from hard cash? (And maybe other things that I won't
go into, as my journal is rated PG (for now)).

Bowling tomorrow in PE. Kirstie is going to try to beat
Sean this week. Sean thinks that I will beat all of them.
Hmm...doubtful...but I'll try!

Speaking of Sean and Kirstie, Raj says that he overheard
Kirstie trying to persuade Claire E to ask Sean out on
Kirstie's behalve...Well, it is coming up to Valentines day.

Speaking of which, guess what Katy said on MSN Messenger
last night!
She said that she was sure that I'd get a card from
someone. I asked if she knew something that I didn't. She
replied No. Hmmm...the question is, does she know
something, or not?

Gotta go, but I'll keep you updated.

P.S. This must be my longest entry ever! And I said that
I had nothing to say...