February 2nd, 2003


Freaky Dream...

I had a really freaky dream this morning. I was just lying
in bed daydreaming, and then I guess I fell asleep again...

I was at youth club. But I wasn't me, not exactly. I was
Jon Anderson, the singer of Yes, but I was still me, in a
way. I was in the side room, and everybody was ignoring
me. So I went out into the main room, where the rest of
Yes were set up. They started playing 'Close To The Edge',
while I dragged my desk (???) around to face the door. I
was watching Steve cange guitars for the next bit, and when
I looked back to the the front, I saw something odd...
This boy from my drama class, called Steven, was at the
front with (yep, you've guessed it!) Kirstie. He was
handing Kirstie a guitar, with which she joined in with
Steve's bit. (Incidentally, the guitar was Hairball's
(Billy Sherwood). Perhaps this was set during The Ladder
Tour?) We got to the singing bit, and Kirstie started
singing, when I was meant to sing! We both got to the end
of Verse 1, and then I woke up, not knowing how the lyrics
to the next verse go - Kirstie did know all the words, so
I'm glad I did wake up, otherwise my brain would have
really shown me up!

Sorry if this doesn't all make sense, but it is (mainly)
due to 2 reasons:
1) It was a dream, and 1 of mine at that!
2) I'm still suffering from shock about Columbia burning
up yesterday.

CF, much subdued.