January 31st, 2003


3 Day Weekend - Woo

Well, who saw that coming?
The snow here is so bad/good, that the school buses can't
Which means that KES is closed!
Not that I need a bus anyway...
But, there are many who do, who can't make it!

Raj rang me up earlier asking whether he should catch a
train in or not.
I told him to, even if it did take him 3 hours.
Luckily, I managed to get hold of him on his mobile and
tell him the updated story. Phew!
So, a three day

Enjoy the snow while it lasts, everybody!


P.S. Hi to Rajan, who IS going to sign up to Tibia today,
aren't you, Raj?
P.P.S. A big "Hello, now Get Lost!" to Katy for 2 reasons -
1) she wouldn't go out into the snow
2) she doesn't like my hair, and thinks it makes me look
like a paedophile!! How Injust! What an example of
Stereotyping! We hates it, precioussssss...