January 30th, 2003



A Warning: Don't read this if you're of a sensitive

Rumor 1)
Well, well, well, what's this I hear about Jonny and his
girlfriend??? I hear that there was a pregnancy involved,
but Jonny denies the fact that HE had to take the morning
after pill...
In fact he laughed! So I told him that I would put him on
my diary, and I did!

Rumor 2)
The rumor is about Kirstie...and a farmer...on a tractor.
Let's just leave it at that, shall we?
Kirstie denies it, not that I blame her, and threatened the
friends who teased he with No More Hugs!
All together now,
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. :-(

More about Kirstie soon...

Rajan's Still Off

Rajan's ill!
I can't believe it!
He made it back for one day, the day we had are year photo

Get Well Soon, Raj.
You're missing out on the snow!

The Great KES Snowball Fight

At last! A blizzard! (sp?)

We've been hit by the best/worst snow for ages, and had the
best snowball fight EVER!!! Everyone was out in it! (Apart
from Katy, Claire & Laura - Named and Shamed!)

Best of all, I GOT KIRSTIE!!!
I won't bore you with the details, but skip on to a later
I met Kirstie after school, and had a chat with her on the
way home. She wasn't to anoyed at being beaten by me, but
in fact had enjoyed it!
Yep, that's the Kirstie we all know and love.
Take any meaning you want to that last sentence, and I'll
sue! You know what I mean, ok? Take the sentence in the
meaning that it was intended.
Ahh, forget it.

Y'know, I really want to watch Airplane I & II again. I
really love those films...


(P.S. Does anybody actually read this stuff that I write?
Please send me some feedback if you do...)