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13 April 2009 @ 08:07 pm
I just finished reading Watchmen. Wow. That really was an awesome read. I started it late last night and couldn't put it down until 3 am. I spent all of this afternoon finishing it. Words fail me.

I guess I should go and see the film, now. I sincerely doubt that it can be as good, though.

In other news, living in my flat is going well and my washing machine works just fine.
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Holly Rosei_am_holly_rose on April 15th, 2009 04:39 pm (UTC)
Oh I shall have to look into it if you say its good. :)

I haven't seen the film myself but Giles says its pretty good, although dwells too much on back stories for a film.

Guess what? I was in Cambridge yesterday and went punting down the Cam! It was seriously awesome, Cambridge is super pretty. ;) Glad you're all moved in and happy and stuff.
Cosmic Flamecosmicflame on April 15th, 2009 11:24 pm (UTC)
It's got a bit of blood and violence, but bear with it. The ending is simply AMAZING.

The backstories are a necessary part of the story, I feel. I plan on seeing the film at the weekend, so I'll be able to give better feedback then.

Waaaaaaat. You were in Cambridge and you didn't call me? Also, you've been punting on the Cam and I never have? Waaaaaaaaattttttttt...
It really is a beautiful place to live, though. Screw Surrey, Cambridgeshire es whar ets att! Arr!
So what brought you to my chosen city, then, anyway?

Also, is your mobile number still the same as it used to be? The T-Mobile one? Mine hasn't changed.

Thanks for the gladness :)
Holly Rosei_am_holly_rose on April 18th, 2009 08:44 am (UTC)
I might pick it up before my shift starts methinks. :P I'm not so good dealing with blood and stuff BUT I certainly can and will for a good story!
Y'know I really want to go to the cinema now but there's nothing on in Staines! Ah well, I have work anyway. :(

I actually have a new number now (In fact Ive had about three since the T Mobile one, (though I still have that one I hasten to add). I shall text you from the newbie and if you get it then I still have your number. :) If not, I shall needs it again. >.<
And this is the reason you were not contacted, your number is not in fact on my new phone (True of 5 minutes ago). No offense intended! I must admit when I saw the fudge shop there I had the crazy notion you were bound to be in there getting free samples and paying for a slice using pennies. Lol. Ah my imagination never fails me. It was quite a disappointment when there was only a random american couple therein.

I was in the beautiful Cambridge for a family outing. Oliver really wanted Lily to see Cambridge because he wants her to be an Oxbridge girl in the future. >.< So it was a kind of birthday treat for her ... In a way. :P She liked the punting at least!
Punting was pretty darn cool. The chap we got was called Dylan and he was really friendly and took us for £10 a person. (And took Lily for free which was pretty generous really considering the "company people" were charging £14 a head). The boat was called Blind Mouse which didn't really fill with confidence but it was much fun nevertheless and we didn't bump into anything. I'd do it again I think especially on a nice day. When we went it was a bit gray but it got nicer towards the end. ^_^

Are you gonna post some pics of your flat on LJ? I must admit I'm mighty curious to see what it's like.
Cosmic Flame: Eclipsecosmicflame on April 18th, 2009 10:25 am (UTC)
It's worth it :) Ultimately there isn't much blood once you get past the beginning, but I just thought I'd better warn you. I know what you're like with blood and stuff, remember?

Man, I haven't been to the cinema for aaaaaages. Can't remember what the last thing I saw was...

I haven't got your text, but I did get one from a mysterious person calling themselves "H". H for Hendetta? Hmm...

Oh, I should have gone to the fudge shop last weekend... Sorry that I didn't. I spent the entire 4 day weekend at home, pretty much... I'm going into town today, so you could always hurry along to Cambridge... :)

I thought that it might be a family outing. It had the faint smell of Oliver about it.
Ah, you were *taken* punting... Yes, I've done that before :) I've just never punted myself. I feel a bit better about it now :D Man, I want to go punting on a nice day... As it is I can go biking, which is awesome but not *quite*the same ;)

Sure, I'll take some photos at some point. It's basically a box with a bed, table, sofa and kitchen, along with a tiny bathroom in a smaller box. I've filled it with my stuff, so it's rather cramped. I'm thinking of moving in 6 months time or whatever to somewhere bigger, depending on what kind of pay raise I can swing :)

Basically it's quite nice, but small. That is all :)