Change, changing places

Dear LiveJournal,

I have really neglected you over the last few months. Sorry!

Today is the last day that I will spend in Windsor for the foreseeable future. In a few short hours Holly will finish her final shift at Lush Windsor and we'll head off to Cambridge. I don't know when we'll next come back to Windsor but I do know that we'll both miss it. It really is a charming little town. Our future, however, lies in Cambridge.

I can't think of anything else to say, so I should probably go and finish packing (once I've read a bit more of my book...)

Good afternoon.

I have the best girlfriend in the world

Today Holly has proved repeatedly that she is the best girlfriend in the world. Ever.

Firstly she bought me a Lego Star Wars X-Wing, which I'm building at the moment.

Secondly she put out this massive spider who made me scream and menaced me.

She is the best and I love her so much.
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Back to the Hut!

Last night's sharing dessert was so nice that we went again tonight. My treat, this time.

Holly then majorly impressed me by helping me put the chain back on my bike. I love practical girls :)

And now it's back to hers to watch Dude, Where's My Car?!

Wish fulfillment

I just had a Hot Cookie Dough Dessert to share with Holly <3 We've been planning to do this for ages but always end up full before we get a chance.
It was delicious.
Also, we were so sickening that we cleared the shop (again)!
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Another teatime, another day older

Well, I'm now 23.

I've had an awesome birthday. More of a birthweek, really. My beloved couldn't be with me today, so we had an extended weekend during which I received a present every day :) She also made me a cake!

I then spent yesterday and today at home with my family. Another cake!

I have received some lovely presents, too. Holly and my parents bought me some Star Wars Lego - Echo Base from Holly and the Midi-size Millennium Falcon and a pack of Assassin Droids from my parents. I also received games (Beautiful Katamari and Blue Dragon from Holly) and a DVD (Disney's Robin Hood from my parents). The other thing that particularly springs to mind was a copy of The Snow Goose from my parents :)

Finally, Claire bought me a set of metal (possible not metal?) shelves for my flat. Storage space! I will soon have more of it!

All in all a very good day. Shame my flat is so damn cold now :S
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I've been wanting to write this post for a while. Before I could, though, my girlfriend wanted to tell one of her closest friends about us herself.

My girlfriend is Holly Lindon.

The Holly who I lived with and loved two years ago.

The Holly who I love now.

It's been a long road for both of us, but we're finally at a place where we can be happy together.

(Yes, we were both awful to each other in the past, but that is well and truly behind us now. We've both changed an awful lot. The past doesn't matter - only the present and the future)

Time to have breakfast and go to work, I think!


So, things have changed in my life recently. Big things. For one, I now have a girlfriend.

Actually, that's the only big change.

The only other thing is that I'm on somewhat of a massive Star Wars kick at the moment :)

So, yeah, things are good. I'm happy with the one I love. Work is going well. Life is good.

I love her so much

Cathedral of Sound

Ok, so Rick Wakeman was AWESOME. Nothing much else to say, really, other than that the show was amazing, the lights gorgeous and the music beautiful. Hampton Court Palace was the perfect venue for the show.

I saw a few friendly faces around Egham and one distinctly unfriendly one - said person has already written a startlingly mature post about me on her LiveJournal. Well, I don't care about her opinion anyway. The girls at work love my hair, and Tak, who I dropped in on, reckoned that I looked straight out of a rock concert "as usual". So, that being the case, I'm not going to trade more blows with such a lowly person. I have an awesome life and a great group of friends, plus I love my job. Her and her friend's insecurities are none of my business anymore, thank goodness.

It's amazing just how drama-free my life has been since I graduated. The worst it's got has been whether a problem was with the application that I've inherited or the network/firewall - my problem or the sysadmins' problem. Intellectual back-and-forthing, followed by deep analysis and resolution. It wasn't my problem, for the record.

Egham was beautiful as always. I'm probably going to spend a long weekend down there after the exams to catch up with all my old friends before they graduate or go home for the summer. Since it's exam time, I didn't feel that it was fair to contact anyone and ask for a couple of hours of their time when they could be revising. I didn't want to be the distraction that damaged their chances. As it was, I got to see Tak. I wasn't planning on disturbing his revision, but it turned out that he was having the day off. He texted me just before I got on the train back to London, and in the resulting discussion revealed that he was extremely free. Opportunity only knocks once, so I went over to his for a couple of hours. He gave me a Lucky Star pocket watch, too, quite randomly. It is a thing of beauty and I am going to wear it for formal occasions, quite subversively.

I really should go to bed now, I guess.

Good night.
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Egham once more

For the first time since I graduated, I am in Egham.
For the first time ever, I will be staying on campus.

Me and Claire are going to see Rick Wakeman at Hampton Court Palace, and the obvious choice of guest accomodation was RHUL. We're staying in what used to be Athlone hall, right above what used to be Times Square. So many memories... Times Square was where I first met the bulk of the anime society. I'm glad it's still there. So many memories, so many memories.

Good afternoon
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